24 May 2017

Mango Parfait

For this summer let's give our kids some good healthy homemade dessert. Mango Parfait is a perfect dessert for this hot summer and kids will enjoy it. I have used almonds and walnuts, you can use any nuts of your choice. Mango mousse used in this recipe is from my previous post (recipe link for your reference).

Mango Parfait

No. of Serving : 2


Mango Mousse - 2 cups - recipe link for your reference

Marie biscuits - 20

Almond - 10

Walnut - 10

Preparation Method

1. Refrigerate and keep chill 2 cups of already prepared mango mousse (recipe link for your reference). Keep aside.

2. In a blender, powder marie biscuits, almond and walnut to a course powder.

3. In a serving glass put a layer of powdered marie biscuit mixture and press it well, then add a layer of mango mousse, repeat has many layers as you wish.

4. Top it with cherry or chopped nuts.

5. Serve chill.