About Me

Hello ! ... I am Alboni. Thanks for being here.....

I am a very simple person with a heart full of passion for healthy lifestyle.  My passion for cooking started as a hobby attracted by the colorful food photos which come in magazines. What started just as a recipe collector and an occasional trial cook has now changed me to thinking everything healthy.

Only a healthy tummy results in a healthy body and brain. Healthy eating doesn't mean the harsh word 'diet'. It just simply means 'healthy lifestyle'. This doesn't need any sacrifices. We just have to accept the fact that healthy food does taste good with little variations in the way of cooking and lot of love when cooking it.

Introducing healthy food to children right from their kindergarten helps them to grow healthy and live a healthy life. So let kids be kids and enjoy their favorite food in a healthy way.

Lots of motivation and guidance went into the making of this blog. The credits go to my younger sister and her friend, to my grandmother (who is no more), parents, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins and to my two lovely nieces for they are the people who taste the trial version of my food and give me honest feedback. Now there is a new addition to the list of my taste makers, my lovely little niece.

The recipes are my original creations, some of which maybe a healthier version of other common recipes in the world. I welcome your valuable suggestion and comments. The recipes and photos unless otherwise mentioned belongs to my hard work. I respect other bloggers data and in a similar way do expect the same from others. I request you to get permission from me in case you want to use my recipes or pictures with credits due. If you like to refer any of my recipes in your blog, I expect a link back to my original recipe.

I appreciate all those of you who have tried my recipes and recommended others to try and benefit from healthy food. Thanks to all .... :)


  1. Hi... Thank u for visiting my blog and leaving your valuable comments. You have got many interesting recipes and happy to be here :-)

  2. Thanks Alboni for visiting my blog. You have such a interesting collection of recipes. Happy to follow you.

  3. Hi Alboni! Great blog with lovely recipes!Glad to connect with you :)

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    Great collection of recipes and great pictures.

  5. I’m seeing a blog in same taste as mine :) infusing healthy options in everything u cook us interesting 😀