14 March 2017

Paneer Custard Ice-cream

Summer has started folks...... Wondering what to do to beat the heat and refreshment for the hot midmorning...? Here is a healthy and refreshing midmorning ice-cream, Paneer Custard Ice-cream. Paneer has lot of healthy protein and is loaded with calcium. This is a guilt free refreshment meant for people of all age group. It is also easily digestible.

Paneer Custard Ice-cream

No. of Serving : 5


Paneer - 200 gms

Custard Powder - 4 tbsp

Milk - 400 ml

Sugar - 1 cup

Preparation Method

1. In a pan mix milk, sugar and custard powder, bring to a boil and simmer it till the custard thickens. Cool and keep aside.

2. Grind to smooth paste paneer and prepared custard.

3. Pour into a freezer proof dish and freeze it for 4 hours. No need to churn.

4. Serve chill topped with chopped nuts according to your choice. 


  1. Have tried Ice cream with Custard powder.. But with Paneer.. Never ever thought about it!! You are awesome :)

  2. Even I have set my paneer ice cream in the freezer,but it's without custard. Looks yummy :) Love the custard color of your kulfi!

  3. Wow...That's a different combination. Looking yummy! Will try this.

  4. Priya @asmallbite
    Lovely combo and looks yummy too...

  5. It looks delicous. Yummy ice cream for summers. :)

  6. looks great. will try and give you feed back. want to make it earliest..craving for it

  7. Something interesting for me. I hv tried custard powder icecream, but paneer ! Definitely gonna try ☺