2 October 2016

Bread Pudding - in pressure cooker

You don't need an oven to do this bread pudding. I steamed it in a pressure cooker and it turned out delicious and yum :)

Bread Pudding - in pressure cooker

No. of Serving : 5


Bread - 10 - 12 slices

Milk - 500 ml

Egg - 5

Sugar - 1 cup

Fennel powder - 1 tsp

Preparation Method

1. In a flat bottom pan which you can place inside the pressure cooker, take milk, egg and sugar and beat well.

2. Add fennel powder and mix well.

3. Add the bread slices along with its edges, the edges will be tasty after cooked so you can add them also.

4. Pour water in the pressure cooker, place this vessel inside, close with a lid, do not put the whistle.

5. Steam cook it for 20 minutes in high flame.

6. Garnish with chocolate chips or chocolate shavings and nuts.


  1. Lovely pudding... A different and yummy dessert..

  2. steam in low or high flame? can we skip fennel powder?

    1. you must steam in high flame.... you can skip fennel powder but do add some other flavour, otherwise there will be egg smell .... Thank you

  3. priya @asmallbite
    New method and superb recipe.

  4. Lovely dessert and great to do without oven

  5. Lovely dessert and great to do without oven