27 September 2016

Banana Cranberry Smoothie

I choose this combo because cranberry had a unique tangy taste. The combo worked well, it was delicious had a nice flavour and taste. Cranberry has a lot of health benefits. It boosts immunity, lowers the risk of urinary tract infection and prevents cancer.

Banana Cranberry Smoothie

No. of Servings : 2


Dry cranberry - 1 cup

Banana - 2 medium

Milk - 2 cups

Sugar - as per taste (optional)

Preparation Method

1. Soak cranberry in water for 1/2 hr, wash and drain, keep aside

2. In a blender / mixer grind together cranberry, banana and milk.

3. Serve the smoothie topped with nuts or dry fruits

4. For more sweet taste you can add sugar while grinding the smoothie.