2 September 2016

Soft Spongy Idli Recipe

A facebook friend of mine requested me to post the recipe on how to make soft spongy and white idli. This I am posting on her request. This is how I make idli everytime.

Soft Spongy Idli Recipe


Idli rice - 8 cups

Urad Dal - 2 cups

Fenugreek seeds - 1 tsp

Water as required

Salt as required

Preparation Method

1. The ratio is 4 : 1 ; rice : urad dal

2. Soak urad dal and fenugreek together , rice separately for 8 hrs.

3. First grind to fluffy batter the urad dal and fenugreek seeds in the grinder. You must sprinkle water from time to time to get it fluffy. You must grind it exactly for 15 minutes, no more or less time.

4. Transfer into a vessel.

5. Grind the rice for 30 minutes till little course.

6. Transfer to the urad dal mix.

7. Mix in salt and leave it overnight to ferment.

8. I make idli in the pressure cooker. Pour water in the cooker and bring it to a boil before greasing and pouring the batter into the mould.

9. Steam for 10 minutes.

Notes :
  • The urad dal must be ground fluffy and light.
  • The rice must be ground little coarsely.
  • The water in the pressure cooker must be boiling before the idli mould is placed into it, only then u will get fluffy idli otherwise idli will become flat.
  • Adjust the rice according to your grinder capacity. Remember ratio rice : urad dal ; 4 : 1
  • You can also grind it in mixer / blender, you will get the same soft and spongy idli.


  1. Love that awesome presentation.. yummmm and inviting.

  2. How did you do the frosting with Chutney.. They look awesome on Idli...

    1. Thank you , the chutney frosting , I made it thick and pipped it out. ....

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  4. Thank you so much for visiting and sharing your valuable feedback. Idlis are looking very soft and perfectly made.. And your idli presentation is excellent.. Very much loved your space. Thank you so much friend.