24 July 2016

Capsicum Pesto Pasta

My twist on pesto is that I have done it with capsicum, mint and coriander. In this recipe I have fried the capsicum and made it to a paste along with coriander leaves and mint leaves to make the pesto. It turned out delicious.

Capsicum Pesto Pasta

No. of Serving : 3


Pasta - 250 gms

Water - 1 lt

Onion - 1 medium

Capsicum - 1 medium

Coriander leaves - 1 handful

Mint leaves - 1 handful

Green chilli - 2

Salt to taste

Oil - 2 tbsp

Preparation Method

1. In a big pan heat water, when it comes to a boil add salt and little oil, add the pasta and cook till the pasta is al dente, this takes about 10 minutes.

2. In a kadai, heat oil and fry the capsicum, cool and grind along with coriander leaves, mint leaves and green chillies to a paste.

3. In the same kadai, heat oil and fry the onions till they turn brown.

4. Add the ground the paste and salt and cook till the paste turns thick.

5. Add the pasta to the paste. Mix well and fry for 2 minutes.

6. Garnish with grated carrots.