2 April 2016

Watermelon Paneer Smoothie

Healthy and filling smoothie with no regrets. Watermelon, paneer and mint leaves have lots of nutrients. Watermelon has high water content along with essential vitamins and minerals. Paneer is full of protein and calcium. Mint relieves congestion and cough. Regular intake of mint increases alertness and memory retention.

This trio: watermelon, paneer and mint was awesome ! It tasted so delicious; you must try it, to experience it.

Watermelon Paneer Smoothie

Servings : 2


Watermelon - 250 gms

Paneer - 25 gms

Mint - few leaves

Preparation Method

1. In a mixer / blender, grind together paneer and mint.

2. Then add watermelon cubes little at a time and blend it to a smooth paste.

3. Refrigerate and serve cool.


  • You can add almonds for more richness and taste.

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