20 July 2017

Nungu Sarbath / Palm Fruit Sarbath

Nungu is the fruit of the palm tree. Its seasonal only available during summer. It's a coolant for the body and very nutritious. It can be eaten as the whole fruit after peeling the skin off or we can make sarbath by adding milk to it.

Nungu's health benefits are : it prevents chicken pox, improves digestion, keeps the body cool, good for acidity problem, it is high in potassium and its good for liver and spleen disorders.

Nungu Sarbath / Palm Fruit Sarbath

No. of Serving : 4


Nungu / palm fruit - 10

Milk - 300 ml

Water - 100 ml

Sugar - 10 tsp

Rose essence with colour - 5 drops

Preparation Method

1. Peel the skin off from the nungu / palm fruit and mash it.

2. Add to the mashed nungu, boiled and cooled milk and water.

3. Add rose essence and sugar , mix well.

4. Serve chill.


Only rose essence will suit the nungu / palm fruit.

You can add essence with colour or without colour.