16 March 2016

Phool Makhana Sago Pudding / Fox nut Sago Pudding

A nutritious pudding to keep you cool this summer. Sago is widely used in traditional Indian cuisine because of its medicinal properties. It is used as a remedy for ailments caused by increased body heat. Sago contains more of carbohydrate and less of other nutrients, so in addition to sago, phool makhana is added in this recipe to make it more nutritious.  I have mentioned the health benefits of phool makhana in my previous recipe, Phool Makhana pasta (link for reference).

Phool Makhana Sago Pudding

Servings : 3


Phool Makhana / Fox nut / Lotus seeds - 50 gms

Sago - 1/2 cup (dry , small size)

Milk - 2 cups

Corn flour - 2 tbsp

Water - 2 cups

Sugar - 5 tbsp

Flavours - Rose essence and Cardamom powder

Preparation Method:

1. Wash and soak sago in water for 1 hour.

2. In a pan, add 2 cups of water and soaked sago, cook till sago is done. Sago will turn transparent when cooked. It takes around 6-7 minutes to cook. Keep aside.

3. Dry roast phool makhana till they crisp up. Do not burn them. Crush them and keep aside. They can be crushed by hand or in a mixer / blender.

4. Mix milk and corn flour in a non stick pan and cook over a low flame, stirring continuously till it thickens.

5. Then add cooked sago, sugar and crushed phool makhana, mix well. Cook till the mixture reaches a pudding consistency.

6. Divide the pudding into 2 equal parts. To one part add cardamom powder  and to the remaining pudding add rose essence.

7. Garnish with dry fruits and nuts or tutti fruiti.

Notes :
  • You can add gulkand instead of rose essence.
  • You can add any flavour of your choice. 

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