22 March 2016

Nannari Lassi / Sarsaparilla Lassi

sarsaparilla lassi

Double cool yourself this summer with the wonder root 'nannari' and digestive friendly 'yogurt' :) Nannari Lassi / Sarsaparilla Lassi.

Nannari / Sarsaparilla has cooling medicinal property to protect us from summer heat ailments and an excellent blood purifier. Yogurt / curd is rich in calcium, vitamin B, potassium and magnesium. The good bacteria in it promotes a healthy digestive track and boosts the immune system.

Nannari Lassi / Sarsaparilla Lassi

Servings : 2


Thick curd / yogurt - 1 cup

Milk - 1 cup

Nannari syrup - 4 tbsp

Flax seeds and Almonds - optional

sarsaparilla lassi

Preparation Method

1. With an electric blender or mixer, mix ice cold curd / yogurt till frothy.

2. Add ice cold milk and mix again.

3. Add nannari syrup and mix till frothy.

4. Garnish with crushed flax seeds and chopped almonds.

  • Curd / yogurt and milk must be ice cold, otherwise lassi will curdle.
  • You can use low fat yogurt and milk.
  • For a light lassi, substitute half the quantity of milk with ice cold water.

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