29 December 2015

Sathu Maavu Ela Ada / Multi-Grain Health-mix Ela Ada

Sathu Maavu Ela Ada

This is a very easy and common recipe to make. I added sathu maavu /multi-grain health mix to make it healthier. Steamed food is healthy and easy to digest. This ela ada is suitable for people of all ages. In this recipe I have used coconut and jaggery for the pooran. You can also try dal pooran. You can also try this as a regular kozhukattai without the banana leaves.

Sathu Maavu Ela Ada

No. of ela ada: 10


For the dough:

          Rice flour / Kozhukattai flour - 1 cup

          Sathu maavu / Multi-grain Health mix - 1/2 cup

          Water - as required

          Salt - a pinch

          Banana Leaves as required

For the pooran:

          Grated Coconut - 1 1/2 cups

          Jaggery - 1 cup

          Cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp

Preparation Method

1. In a pan melt jaggery with very little water and dissolve it. Bring it to a boil, filter the impurities and add it back to a pan.

2. To this add grated coconut and cardamom powder and heat it over low flame till it becomes thick. Cool and keep aside.

3. In a mixing bowl mix together rice flour / kozhukattai flour and sathu maavu (health mix).

4. Heat water in a pan. Add a pinch of salt to the water. Add this hot water little at a time to the rice flour sathu maavu mix and mix well.

5. It should come together like chapathi dough. Then knead it. Let it cool a little but not completely.

6. Cut banana leaves. Grease the banana leaf with little cooking oil. Take a ball of dough and flatten it. Take a teaspoon of the filling and spread it on one half of the flatten dough. 

7. Fold over and cover with the banana leaf.

8. Repeat the same to make the remaining ela adas.

9. Place them in idly maker and steam for 10 minutes.

10. Serve warm.